Attorney Referrals


Attorneys from around the State of North Carolina refer cases to Kirk Sanders. It’s a large part of his potential client base. Kirk is grateful for the faith you have that he will take care of your clients in these litigation matters.

If you are an attorney considering sending a valued client to Kirk to handle a litigation case, let Kirk know if you want to speak with an attorney that has previously recommended cases to me.

REFERRAL FEES: Kirk will include a referring attorney on the fee agreement if it is a contingency fee case. Please note that to comply with RPC 205 and Rule 1.5(e) you will need to be part of the reasonable, written fee agreement, the division of fees will be described in the agreement, and 1) your services are in proportion to the split or 2) assume joint responsibility for the representation.

Kirk Sanders and his team will take the lead position. We will keep the referring attorney advised of the progress of the case.

Lately, Kirk had the pleasure of representing joint clients include fee splits of the following amounts to referring attorneys:

  • $119,000 estate litigation matter;
  • $80,000 breach of fiduciary abuse (POA) litigation matter;
  • $80,000 estate asset recovery case against prior fiduciary
  • $64,000 personal injury case;
  • $55,000 will caveat case (defending propounders)
  • $16,660 wrongful death vehicle case;
  • $16,600 car and moped collision;
  • $37,100 dog attack case; and
  • $11,500 wrongful death case and injured party.

NOTE: If you are referring a client to Kirk Sanders, PLEASE call me 336-768-1515 or email me to advise who you referred to me so a fee arrangement can be noted.